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BF2Hub for Providers

If you are a Ranked Provider also known as "EA TRUSTED PARTNER" or a gameserver hosting company you may sign up for the BF2Hub Network to provide unranked and/or RANKED Battlefield2 servers for your customers.

Please use the form below to get an account. Our Service Team provide you with access codes and further information as soon as your data is verified.

In case of pre-registration questions we recommend you to visit the FAQ in the Support section. Of course you are also very welcome to contact us via the Contact Form or eMail.

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Final Statement about BF2Hub

The goal of BF2Hub is to make Battlefield2 available and playable in the same manner as if GameSpy had never closed, with minimum work for the players, admins and providers. This is a challenging task because of the time factor, the large amount of data to transfer and finally the production and maintenance of the whole BF2Hub Project.

Our services and software is free of charge for everyone and provided "AS IS" and "AS AVAILABLE" without warranty. We work hard to make your experience enjoyable but we can't guarantee that the BF2Hub services and software will work as expected - now, before and/or after GameSpy has closed.

If you don't agree to this "Final Statement about BF2Hub" or to any of the BF2Hub Terms listed in (but not limited to) the Terms & Conditions section you must not use any of the BF2Hub services and/or software at all.