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All BF2Hub Services are up and running properly

Summary of our last maintenance in short:

  • After a storage failure multiple nodes got broke simultaneously and had to be recovered
  • Game services was switched to failover systems so players could still play the game
  • Player statistics had been tracked during whole maintenance and are fully in sync
  • Core components had been renewed for even better perfomance of the BF2Hub Network
  • System and security patches were applied. All BF2Hub Services are up and running properly!

To enjoy all benefits, update to the newest version of the BF2Hub Client (1.8):

  1. Completely close Battlefield 2
  2. Download and install (execute) the BF2Hub Client (1.8)
  3. Open your BF2Hub Client by clicking the small tray icon in the taskbar ()
  4. Check if all fields on top are green; otherwise click on the specific field(s) to fix eventual issues
  5. Click on "Play Battlefield 2" to start your game ()

If you're experiencing any issues just contact our support.