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First-Legion AIX2R - Air Map 1 - RANKED

Mod: Reality, Map: Gulf Of Oman
Name Score Kills Deaths Ping
1.A. Andersson000Coop-Bot
2.C. Bergqvist000Coop-Bot
3.E. Douridas000Coop-Bot
4.G. Pigula000Coop-Bot
5.J. Kjellstrom000Coop-Bot
6.K. Hegethorn000Coop-Bot
7.K. Yip000Coop-Bot
8.L. Gustavsson000Coop-Bot
9.M. Belanger000Coop-Bot
10.M. Crabtree000Coop-Bot
11.M. Eriksson000Coop-Bot
12.M. Fritze000Coop-Bot
13.M. Hart000Coop-Bot
14.M. Kylmamaa000Coop-Bot
15.M. Le000Coop-Bot
16.N. Fegraeus000Coop-Bot
17.N. Goksu000Coop-Bot
18.P. Hoyles000Coop-Bot
19.P.K. Johansson000Coop-Bot
20.R. Edgren000Coop-Bot
21.R. Gimbel000Coop-Bot
22.R. Walton000Coop-Bot
23.S. North000Coop-Bot
24.S. Pinkerton000Coop-Bot
25.S. Wallberg000Coop-Bot
26.T. Laedre000Coop-Bot
Name Score Kills Deaths Ping
1.B. Pajor000Coop-Bot
2.C. Tou000Coop-Bot
3.D. Mod000Coop-Bot
4.F. Liliegren000Coop-Bot
5.J. Andersson000Coop-Bot
6.J. Gonzales000Coop-Bot
7.J. Jonsson000Coop-Bot
8.K. Lee000Coop-Bot
9.L. Fujita000Coop-Bot
10.L. Josephson000Coop-Bot
11.M. Rudberg000Coop-Bot
12.O. Carlen000Coop-Bot
13.P. Lindholm000Coop-Bot
14.R. Davey000Coop-Bot
15.R. Hallwood000Coop-Bot
16.R. Linde000Coop-Bot
17.R. Lopez000Coop-Bot
18.R. Smedberg000Coop-Bot