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Map: Road To Jalalabad
Name Score Kills Deaths Ping
1.=DCG= TEAM01000-
2.=DCG= TEAM02000-
3.=DCG= TEAM03000-
4.=DCG= TEAM10000-
5.=DCG= TEAM12000-
6.=DCG= TEAM15000-
7.=DCG= TEAM16000-
8.=DCG= TEAM17000-
9.=DCG= TEAM18000-
10.=DCG= TEAM20000-
11.=DCG= TEAM21000-
Name Score Kills Deaths Ping
1.=DCG= TEAM04000-
2.=DCG= TEAM05000-
3.=DCG= TEAM06000-
4.=DCG= TEAM07000-
5.=DCG= TEAM08000-
6.=DCG= TEAM09000-
7.=DCG= TEAM11000-
8.=DCG= TEAM13000-
9.=DCG= TEAM14000-
10.=DCG= TEAM19000-
11.=DCG= TEAM22000-