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Map: Road To Jalalabad
Name Score Kills Deaths Ping
1.A. Papasavas000Coop-Bot
2.D. King000Coop-Bot
3.D. Yee000Coop-Bot
4.J. Kjellstrom000Coop-Bot
5.R. Edgren000Coop-Bot
6.R. Pace000Coop-Bot
7.R. Walton000Coop-Bot
8.U. Rask000Coop-Bot
Name Score Kills Deaths Ping
1.C. Barnett000Coop-Bot
2.C. Cyreus000Coop-Bot
3.D. Sirland000Coop-Bot
4.D. Votypka000Coop-Bot
5.G. Pigula000Coop-Bot
6.J. Newton000Coop-Bot
7.P. Osterblom000Coop-Bot
8.T. Kingston000Coop-Bot