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Server Details

[Ranger] Clan Server I

Mod: AIX 2, Map: Gulf Of Oman v2
Name Score Kills Deaths Ping
1.A_Hot_Chick .000Coop-Bot
2.Bob_Lee_Swagger .000Coop-Bot
3.C3PO .000Coop-Bot
4.Clint_Eastwood .000Coop-Bot
5.DEVGRU .000Coop-Bot
6.Donald_Trump .000Coop-Bot
7.Dutch .000Coop-Bot
8.HaXoR .000Coop-Bot
9.Indiana_Jones .000Coop-Bot
10.Jabba_the_Hut .000Coop-Bot
11.Metal_Guitarist .000Coop-Bot
12.Ranger .000Coop-Bot
13.Ranger_Indy .000Coop-Bot
14.Ranger_Josie .000Coop-Bot
15.Ranger_Torey .000Coop-Bot
16.Skyfall_007 .000Coop-Bot
17.US_Airforce .000Coop-Bot
18.Yoda .000Coop-Bot
Name Score Kills Deaths Ping
1.Agent_Smith .000Coop-Bot
2.Darth_Maul .000Coop-Bot
3.GLOCK_21 .000Coop-Bot
4.James_Hetfield .000Coop-Bot
5.Jawa .000Coop-Bot
6.Key-Bind .000Coop-Bot
7.R2-D2 .000Coop-Bot
8.Ranger_Capt_Bruce .000Coop-Bot
9.Ranger_Lt_Kylie .000Coop-Bot
10.Road_Warrior .000Coop-Bot
11.Scout_Sniper .000Coop-Bot
12.The_Matrix .000Coop-Bot
13.Zelda .000Coop-Bot
14.}}E-F{{ .000Coop-Bot