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*[NRNS]*US1*players vs bots*

Map: Gulf Of Oman
Name Score Kills Deaths Ping
1.A. Papasavas000Coop-Bot
2.Ben Dover000Coop-Bot
3.Bulls Eye000Coop-Bot
4.C. Tou000Coop-Bot
5.D. Aberin000Coop-Bot
6.D. Votypka000Coop-Bot
7.Dick Black000Coop-Bot
8.E. Sjovold000Coop-Bot
9.F. Liliegren000Coop-Bot
10.H. Andersson000Coop-Bot
11.J. Aberg000Coop-Bot
12.J. Hartling000Coop-Bot
13.J. Newton000Coop-Bot
14.J. Persson000Coop-Bot
15.J. Sanick000Coop-Bot
16.K. Hegethorn000Coop-Bot
17.K. Yip000Coop-Bot
18.L. Brown000Coop-Bot
19.L. Fujita000Coop-Bot
20.M. Brassard000Coop-Bot
21.M. Rudberg000Coop-Bot
22.M. Sjoberg000Coop-Bot
23.O. Carlen000Coop-Bot
24.P. OShaughnessy000Coop-Bot
25.R. Love000Coop-Bot
26.R. Smedberg000Coop-Bot
27.S. Evans000Coop-Bot
28.S. North000Coop-Bot
29.S. Pinkerton000Coop-Bot
30.T. Soderman000Coop-Bot
Name Score Kills Deaths Ping
1.D. Wiksten000Coop-Bot
2.D. Yee000Coop-Bot
3.E. Smith000Coop-Bot
4.Join Discord000Coop-Bot
5.M. Hedlund000Coop-Bot
6.N. Stromquist000Coop-Bot
7.R. Gimbel000Coop-Bot
8.S. Parkinson000Coop-Bot
9.Tim Bits000Coop-Bot
10.W. Young000Coop-Bot