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*BF2L* - Coop Server

Map: Gulf Of Oman
Name Score Kills Deaths Ping
1.B. Smith000Coop-Bot
2.J. Norberg000Coop-Bot
3.K. Lee000Coop-Bot
4.L. Brown000Coop-Bot
5.M. Bagge000Coop-Bot
6.M. Crabtree000Coop-Bot
7.M. Hart000Coop-Bot
8.P. Hoyles000Coop-Bot
Name Score Kills Deaths Ping
1.A. Marini000Coop-Bot
2.D. King000Coop-Bot
3.D. Mod000Coop-Bot
4.D. Wiksten000Coop-Bot
5.F. Lindblom000Coop-Bot
6.J. Lord000Coop-Bot
7.J. Vifian000Coop-Bot
8.L. Josephson000Coop-Bot
9.M. Eriksson000Coop-Bot
10.M. Livesey000Coop-Bot
11.M. Sjoberg000Coop-Bot
12.P. Lindholm000Coop-Bot
13.S. Parkinson000Coop-Bot